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maria lombide ezpeleta


I was born with the doubtful gift to see what most people can´t see. I have tried to paint it

Micali – Middle Earth Serpent

art work Posted on %AM, January 24 2007 00:12:57

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Solstice tryst (detail)

art work Posted on %AM, January 24 2007 00:08:45

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moon glen

art work Posted on %AM, January 24 2007 00:00:58

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950 Girdle of Melian small

art work Posted on %PM, January 23 2007 23:52:07

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art work Posted on %PM, January 18 2007 15:42:57

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Sauron’s and Galadriel’s Bridge of Tryst.

art work Posted on %PM, January 18 2007 15:35:15

palette of the maelstrom: perdition’s lightning bolts severing the
umbral shades of the night sky: the bridge of Tol Sirion casting
flash shadow under the storm: the two lovers at either end.

straight, tall, bending before no foe. Galadriel; tall, calm, glowing
the white manna of love. His heart was adamant before she came,
announced by angels, to his domain, bringing seed of light and
healing. Steel heart touched by forgotten good. Intelligence and iron
will bereft for an answer. Power, unrestrained by any challenge:
will, immersed in evil appetite for total power. Then did he bend to
the flower that came to him out of the nightshades.

proud scion of the noble Noldor, a sharp glance at Sauron’s heart
lit embers of love. Brave heart that conquers man’s sealed destiny.
No light of love is ever extinguished. The One’s song of love
cannot be slain by evil’s rape.

thunder heralds their tryst before the One’s hand of fate. The
light of the stormbolts flashes his striking visage. Long flowing
locks of blonde hair cascade down from his golden circlet crown,
silken wind-blown waves around sharp pallid face. Eyes, mirrors of
power, piercing the night to see his spirit’s love; his own angel.
Golden iris surrounding sable pupil. Many were broken by that glance
– but no more. Redemption was his gift from the One, creator of the
world. His heart beat like love’s child that he was, bringing
love’s sensations to fruit. The gentle energy of her being was
enraptured within his soul, bringing both quickening and blissful
peace. His confusion broke the will forged of adamant, unrestrained
knowledge of the ways of the ultimate arrogance that men call power.

– at the other end of the bridge. She had come a life long journey,
through immortal love and angst, to this bridge. She had taken
another partner, but he was not of her stature. She had found
Sauron’s heart at the end of the rainbow, much labour had brought
her the strength of his love. Her mass of golden flowing hair, like
an angels aura, being caressed by a gentle breeze, defied the storm’s
tempest wind. A strong brow with the wisdom of a Vala. Tall, svelte,
yet sinuous in body, athletic and energetic enfolded together. She
stood his equal.

air was a cacophony of chaos. The thunder rolls, the lightning
strikes, the Wolves and Wargs howling at the storm, still at Sauron’s
bekoning, but slowly healing in resonance with their master’s love
for this woman.

could not see those eyes. He needed to drink the love in that they
shone for him. He began to walk across the bridge of love.

felt him. A warmth, a need, and new humble gentle love without stain.
Desire was strong in him and she answered in kind. She began to walk
across the bridge of love.

night riders

art work Posted on %PM, January 17 2007 19:16:35

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elven light

art work Posted on %PM, January 17 2007 19:13:10

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